KO Client Zephr.xyz Emerges from Stealth with $3.5M Seed Round

KO Client Zephr.xyz Emerges from Stealth with $3.5M Seed Round

KO client Zephr.xyz recently emerged from stealth with a $3.5 million seed round. The company plans to use cell phones with zero hardware modifications to dramatically improve GPS accuracy.

According to Zephr’s website, its networked GPS solution delivers unprecedented location accuracy, reliability, and error correction by interconnecting satellite measurements across multiple devices, while ensuring strong user privacy.

“We think this new form of positioning could go a long ways to augmenting or replacing visual positioning systems, which are incredibly expensive,” said Sean Gorman, one of Zephr’s four founders, to TechCrunch. “Google and Apple have to map the whole world in 3D to get the visual positioning to work. It’s just really expensive to have a fleet of street view vehicles and planes to capture the aerial views. Potentially if you can do this just with sensors, you don’t have to map it ahead of time, and you don’t have to invest so much in compute and data collection to get some of these things to run in the future.”

The seed round was led by Space Capital and First Spark Ventures. The KO team of Robert Donald, Ian Kuliasha, Ryan Sykora, and Sara Shelly represent Zephr. Read more in TechCrunch.


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