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On-demand legal strategies for an online world, so you can get to market faster and find the best way to grow.

If your primary product or service marketplace is online, chances are you’re scaling and adapting your business in real-time, all the time. KO complements the fast-paced e-commerce channel by prioritizing only what helps your business the most right now, paving the way for rapid growth rather than throwing up legal roadblocks.

With so many tools available to build a company quickly and efficiently, launching an online business and testing new concepts has become easier than ever before, and ideas can take off rapidly. The team at KO understands this speed to market, and ensures your bases are covered to get up and running, from initial capitalization and seed funding to intellectual property ownership and appropriate employment agreements.


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With progress comes opportunity and, at times, unique growing pains. As participants in the industry since its infancy, the KO team has engaged with countless business models and iterations of companies that have worked in the space. We’ve used this experience to help businesses navigate numerous matters including: 

  • Data privacy/GDPR/privacy policies 
  • Customer acquisition 
  • Order fulfillment 
  • Terms of use and customer agreements
  • Equity, convertible debt and SAFE Financings
  • General counsel support including founder and employment agreements and equity incentive plans 
  • Leases

"The team at KO have been an instrumental part of our growth. We appreciate their business-oriented approach to tackling the legal matters have supported multiple rounds of fundraising and continue to enable our product enhancement and user expansion."

Amy Baglin

CEO MeetMindful

KO’s team has unmatched expertise working with emerging and high-growth companies. From our partners to every attorney in the organization, you won’t find a better combination of expertise and personalized attention to your business needs anywhere else.

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We understand the legal matters that impact your businesses need to be addressed in a practical and efficient way. We combine our legal expertise with unparalleled industry and business expertise to deliver results.

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