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Clients rely on us to help them get their most important deals done because we’re business people first and we understand the implications of smart – and streamlined – negotiations.

Growing or selling your business through a merger or acquisition is one of the most significant transactions that can occur during the lifecycle of your company. Because we understand both your industry and the stage of your company’s growth, we are uniquely positioned to help you capitalize on timely opportunities. KO attorneys can help you achieve your short and long-term growth objectives through effective and efficient merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions. We assist clients in many industries with deals of all sizes including asset sales and stock sales, public and private deals and sell-side and buy-side engagements.

Our expertise focuses on strategies that build your business and enable smart growth. We regularly handle sophisticated exit transactions, including multi-national transactions, leveraged buy-out transactions and transactions with bankruptcy and insolvency issues. KO works closely with our clients in all aspects of merger transactions including due diligence, preparation and negotiation of definitive documentation and other related matters.

Since our formation, KO Law Firm has been a long-term partner and trusted advisor for Brandfolder on strategic corporate and complex commercial legal matters. KO’s business-focused approach and expertise were instrumental to our success over the last eight years and to the closing of our acquisition.

Steve Baker

Former President, Brandfolder

We know your industry and understand your business goals. While we have vast experience in preparing and negotiating merger and acquisitions of all forms, it is our responsive and efficient approach as well as our willingness to get to know your business that sets us apart from other firms. KO serves as an extension of your team, delivering the expertise, resources and results you need to achieve business success. This approach means better service and value for our clients.

Complex M&A transactions are often characterized by numerous stakeholders and unpredictable timing. The KO team helps both acquiring and target companies prioritize key outcomes and remain nimble as a deal evolves.

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KO clients rely on us because we understand the deal involves much more than just the legal transaction itself.

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Jennifer Rosenthal

Partner, KO

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Because we take a big picture view of each deal, we help you achieve your goals more efficiently, which is one reason we’re known among clients as deal makers, not deal breakers.

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