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Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud-based service offerings have turned the software industry on its head, and both vendors and customers must understand how to structure service offerings, create agreements and manage operating parameters that are beneficial and sustainable in modern market conditions.

For more than 20 years, the team at KO has helped businesses thrive through legal counsel that’s rooted in a deep understanding of the software and SaaS industries. Our experienced team helps emerging and established companies make smart, strategic business decisions that drive growth.

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Without the guidance of an experienced SaaS lawyer, deals tend to get stuck in negotiation, with roadblocks popping up at each step in the process. Our industry expertise enables your business’ success and allows you to get ahead of pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities.

Working from combined decades of experience, KO attorneys apply industry best practices to navigate the challenges of drafting and negotiating software licenses and SaaS contracts quickly and easily. We help clients find the right way to implement online agreements, add flexibility through the use of master service agreements and navigate the legal and business risks related to clauses to keep deals moving and protect their clients.

KO has been a long-time, trusted advisor to Terma Software on complex commercial and strategic corporate matters. KO’s experienced team has guided us through the complete business lifecycle: from an emerging technology company through significant growth to the successful completion of our acquisition.

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CEO, Terma Software

The software industry can be separated into four main categories:

  • Licensed-based (on-premises business model with ancillary services such as implementation, support, maintenance); this includes open source software
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or cloud-Based software solutions and platforms (remote access)
  • Software development services
  • Software consulting and information services

We’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs and startups because we understand the industry and how the stage of each company’s growth impacts their business decisions. From agreements that impact pricing models, to creating Master Service Agreements, Order documents and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), we give clients the framework they need to build productive, long term customer relationships.

KO represents SaaS and software organizations, from startups to established businesses:


of SaaS agreements for our clients


of SaaS deals negotiated since 2010


years of collective attorney experience with software and SaaS contracts

Our team is a frequent presenter and attendee at SaaS and software industry events, organizations and conferences, and we’re a sought-after resource for industry blogs, podcasts and other news sources. We’ve spoken/presented at: 

KO’s extensive knowledge working with emerging and high-growth companies in the software and SaaS industries gives us an unmatched understanding of the legal matters that impact your businesses. We specialize in helping businesses navigate and address matters in a practical and efficient way to support business results.

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