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Should Law Firms Offer Sabbaticals? Why They Are a Win-Win for KO Team Members and Clients

Imagine stepping away from your job for two full months, with full pay and benefits, while all your work is covered by your team. That’s sixty days with no Zoom meetings, calls or emails – and it’s something that’s hard to imagine for most people. That’s because most professionals have…

John Gaddis sabbatical

Unplug to Recharge: John Gaddis’ Sabbatical Story

It sounds counterintuitive if you’re talking about your laptop, cell phone or many other essentials of day-to-day life, but with people, the concept is proven: Allow your team members to completely unplug for a time, and they come back more energized and productive than ever. The KO team committed to…

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Gaining Focus and Perspective: On Sabbatical with Jon Taylor

When is the last time you stepped away from your work for two months? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably never. And you aren’t alone. Nationwide, our workforce manages to take an average of only 17 of their 23 vacation days earned.