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KO Client Superplastic Raises $20M

Superplastic, a KO client and global entertainment brand, has raised $20 million to expand its first-of-its-kind virtual ecosystem. The KO team, led by partner Jon Taylor, represented Superplastic.  

Superplastic creates and manages animated celebrities with millions of dedicated followers, including Janky & Guggimon, Dayzee & Staxx, Kranky, ShüDog and more. Via its ecosystem, fans can interact with these characters through NFTs, animated films, retail experiences and more.  

Per VentureBeat: “Superplastic wants to rewrite the rules of celebrity, social media, fashion and entertainment through their metaverse in which intellectual property crosses over to other media properties and worlds, and where fans interact directly with Superplastic virtual celebrities on social media.” 

“SUPERPLASTIC combines the best of Supreme, Disney and Marvel into a single metaverse,” said Paul Budnitz, Superplastic Founder and CEO in a statement. “Our characters are created to exist cross-platform so their fans can interact with them directly on social media, on the blockchain, through products & traditional media, and in the real world.”    

Read more in VentureBeat and Fast Company 


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