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KO Client Gooder Foods, Inc., Raises $6.4M to Launch New Mac and Cheese Brand Goodles

Gooder Foods, Inc., a KO client, recently raised $6.4 million to launch Goodles – a new, healthier mac and cheese brand. The KO team, led by partner Jennifer Rosenthal, represented Gooder Foods.

Co-founded by actress Gal Gadot, Goodles is high in vegetables, protein and fiber and aims to provide a tastier, more nutritious mac and cheese alternative to legacy brands.

“Mac and cheese has never been updated. The old recipe is just plainly not good for you,” Gadot said in a statement. “Goodles is offering a better version of something that people love, and if I can make their life a bit healthier… I would be happy to do that.”

Gooder Foods co-founder and CEO Jennifer Zeszut explained: “Mac and cheese is that universal thing, but more people are thinking of food as performance and are worried about what they put in their bodies. There was so much lack of innovation, and we are taking a fresh look at the category.”

KO attorney Samantha Pjesky and corporate paralegal Caitlyn Knudson also worked with Rosenthal to represent Gooder Foods.

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