Intuit presents Regis Malloy with the grand prize for the 2018 app showdown

KO Client G1VE Wins Intuit’s 2018 App Showdown

November 19, 2018 – KO client G1VE is a unique service enabling businesses to easily donate a percentage of their monthly revenue to worthy charitable causes. G1VE has been integrated into Intuit’s QuickBooks Online accounting platform as an approved app and was recently crowned the winner of the prestigious Intuit 2018 $100K App Showdown.

G1VE makes it simple for any of QuickBooks Online’s 2.6 million U.S. businesses to become social enterprises by supporting their favorite nonprofits, strengthening their brand, and aligning with their communities. The integration also enables G1VE to centralize a business’ giving program and provide updates and reports directly associated with their accounting system.

G1VE was one of 120 new apps from around the world that were eligible to compete in Intuit’s 2018 $100K App Showdown.

  “G1VE was ecstatic just to be a top finalist going into the competition this month. We are humbled and honored to win and excited to invest the winnings in ongoing marketing and development,” said Regis Malloy, G1VE founder and CEO. “Giving back is embedded into Intuit’s culture, so G1VE is proud to receive this distinction, and do its part to connect QuickBooks businesses and their customers and communities with great charitable causes, following the example Intuit has set.”

KO and G1VE have a longstanding relationship that started prior to the inception of the company. It was through this ongoing collaboration that KO was able to provide G1VE all the legal support it needed for a successful launch and ultimately becoming an approved app on the Intuit platform.

KO Attorney Chris Achatz and Regis met through the front range tech community about six years ago and instantly hit it off. “G1VE was not even on the horizon at that time, but I knew Regis had that entrepreneurial spark and he would do great things. Since that time Regis and I have had countless brainstorming sessions over burgers and beers,” said Achatz.

When Regis began to formulate the idea of G1VE a few years later, he said it was a no-brainer to connect with Chris for legal advice and guidance on how to work compliance and transparency into the fabric of G1VE.

“Chris has been invaluable to getting G1VE off the ground, from our incorporation as a public Benefit Corporation, to assistance with trademarking, crafting our Mutual NDA, and developing our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Service Fee guidelines. He is our go-to for all things legal and has been wonderful to work with,” said Malloy.

Knowing that Intuit is a key strategic platform for G1VE, KO paid special attention to reviewing the platform’s terms for being granted access to their developer network. KO’s work on a customer agreement tailored to Intuit’s contractual requirements helped streamline G1VE’s acceptance into the Intuit network.

“Setting up our clients for wins is why we come to work every day,” said Achatz. “Sometimes it’s not one huge project, but rather the many quick touchpoints that we have throughout the years that arise during a company’s formation and product development. Often a short directional call can save many hours of course correction down the road and companies that are willing to put the legal compliance work in early on, like G1VE, face fewer surprises as they are taking off.”

For more information on how KO can help jumpstart your business idea, contact Chris Achatz at 720-477-7140 or [email protected].

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