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Data Privacy Series Part 2: Practical Tips to Modify Your Privacy Policy

As businesses prepare for the rollout of new state privacy laws and the update to California’s comprehensive consumer privacy law that will all take effect in 2023, KO’s data privacy and security team has launched a four-part educational video series to help businesses prepare to operate under the evolving patchwork of privacy laws.

In part one, KO attorneys, Chris Achatz and Malia Rogers, discussed the threshold question of scope, including relevant entity- and data-level exemptions, compliance deadlines, and general obligations.

In this second video, KO data privacy and security attorneys, Erin Locker and Sahara Williams, discuss practical tips for modifying a business’s privacy policy.

Overview of evolving transparency and notice requirements 

In preparation for 2023 as more state privacy laws take effect and federal law is being considered, this video explores key changes in the ever-evolving transparency and notice requirements, and delves into the specific components a privacy policy must have to be compliant with the new laws. The speakers cover enhanced disclosure obligations, expanded individual privacy rights across states, offline delivery of privacy notices, disclosures relating to “selling” and “sharing” data, as well as financial incentive programs and related notice requirements.

Businesses must pay close attention to the evolving privacy landscape and requirements and regularly review and update privacy notices. This segment of the series covers:

  • Components of a compliant privacy notice
  • Delivery for online and offline collection
  • Formatting requirements
  • Regulatory and litigation update

Watch the video:

Viewers are eligible for one CLE credit by watching the video. Please contact Alex Melberg at [email protected] for the CLE code. 

With compliance deadlines approaching as early as January 1, 2023, businesses are advised to assess application of these laws and make the necessary privacy compliance program updates. For more information about this series, contact your KO data privacy and security team: Chris Achatz, Erin Locker, Sahara Williams, or Malia Rogers.

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