KO Client Ascent Technology’s SATED Product Named Finalist for NASA Challenge

NASA recently named KO client Ascent Technology’s SATED product as a finalist for the Deep Space Food Challenge, a public competition to extend the limits of humans in space through food.

Boulder-based SATED – which stands for Safe Appliance, Tidy, Efficient, & Delicious – creates a variety of well-known foods made with long-shelf-life ingredients to enable long-duration space operations.

SATED and the 10 other finalists will next provide a demonstration to the judges to showcase their technologies, food outputs, and production processes. The winners of the next phase will be announced in April 2023, and the top scoring U.S. teams will be awarded $150,000.

According to NASA’s announcement, the Deep Space Food Challenge is a first-of-its-kind coordinated effort between NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) “which aims to kickstart future food systems for pioneering missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. The multiphase technology competition invites problem-solvers around the world to design, build, and test new ways to sustain astronauts in space for months or even years at a time.” 

Check out NASA’s announcement

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