Contracts Management

KO Law Firm's comprehensive contracts management service is built on a three-pronged approach that delivers the most value to business: people, process and technology.

As businesses work to increase valuation and better manage resources, there is a fundamental change in how legal services are being used; and many companies are effectively operationalizing legal.

Organizations that operate with limited in-house legal resources find that people can’t simply be replaced with technology for complex, nuanced matters. Instead, businesses are seeking contracts lifecycle assistance from non-lawyer professionals and testing alternative billing models, to “do more with less.”

“KO’s Contracts Management Service is ideal for companies like ours that don’t have the volume and consistency to justify a full-time administrator in-house, but need the expertise and assistance in handling contract drafting and negotiation.”

Shirley Clawson

Windward Studios

We uniquely tailor our services to create the right process for each client, integrating as an extension of in-house legal teams at larger organizations and creating flexible programs that meet the needs of smaller clients as well.

Regardless of client size, use of technology tools varies widely, and we’re able to be both smart and flexible in how we work with each organization, plugging into an existing eco system or suggesting new systems and tools that the client may not have thought of.

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Our dedicated contracts management team is here to help.

In a seven month period in 2019 when Uplight acquired three companies and merged with a fourth, KO's contract management service was invaluable to us as we worked through due diligence, assignment and notification processes, and the integration of a new, diverse suite of products and services under one company and one contracting process. The contracts management resources supplied by KO are highly experienced in commercial contracts and negotiation processes, and this allowed me to hand off many of our customer agreements while I focused on internal objectives during this period of intense M&A activity.

Kate Chaux

Head of the Contracting and Legal Group, Uplight