2020 Year-In Review: Key Corporate and Commercial Insights from KO Partners

Amid 2020’s challenges, the KO team remained hard at work navigating the “new normal” while continuing to support clients through their diverse and rapidly-changing needs. Here’s a review of the key topics our team covered throughout 2020.

Corporate and Transactional

Across our corporate team, we’ve led companies through mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships and helped them secure financing to support their own growth. Emerging companies have relied on our team to keep deals flowing and business growing. Along the way, KO partners shared timely insights on the following topics:

Commercial and Technology

In KO’s commercial and technology practice, in addition to assistance with commercial contracts complexities, IP protection and more, we’ve helped clients navigate shifting regulatory environments related to data privacy and security. KO Law Firm was recognized as a winner of the inaugural Legal Innovation in Operations Project (LIO Project) award by the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), a global organization focused on redefining the business of law.

Key insights from the year:

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