Top food & beverage trends

Top Food & Beverage Trends at Expo West

Natural Products Expo West, the industry’s largest trade show, hosted more than 3,000 exhibiting companies and top retailers as well as 65,000 attendees at this year’s event. The show featured new food, beverage, and consumer goods products and innovations. Here’s a closer look at top trends that we expect to dominate the food, beverage, and consumer goods industry in the year ahead.

Sustainable and eco-conscious foods are in the spotlight. Much of this year’s innovation focused on sustainability. According to New Hope Network, sustainability is the primary motivator for many values-focused and mission-driven entrepreneurs, a key factor in corporate social responsibility, and an important factor behind transparency and impact assessments. Brands like RIND Snacks, New Barn Organics, Renewal Mill, and Chomps are focused on eco-conscious efforts like zero waste, upcycling, regenerative agriculture, ethical farming practices and ingredient sourcing, and more.

Plant-based foods are still going strong. With the ongoing focus on sustainability and the popularity of plant-based diets, plant-based products continue to dominate the industry with alternative protein sources like Meati™ steak strips made of mushrooms and innovative brands like Evergreen waffles which counts carrots and zucchini in its ingredients list.

Comfort foods are making a comeback. Fresh takes on some classic favorites are having a major moment. Brands like our client Goodles, co-founded by CEO Jen Zeszut and actress Gal Gadot, recently launched an innovative, healthier mac and cheese alternative that is high in vegetables, protein, and fiber. Other brands are reinventing old-school classics like Belgian Boys’ pancake cereal, Simple Mills’ Pop Mmms, and Whipnotic’s revolutionary whipped cream.

Food as medicine. Think functional foods, probiotic sodas, prebiotic greens, adaptogens, and brain butter. Like these brands, our client bitewell, a fast-growing food tech company, is on a mission to improve health through food by providing a healthy food marketplace that works with employers to improve health benefits for users.

“Subscriptionalization” of everything. New Hope Network identified this trend in anticipation of this year’s Expo West. From meal kits to personalized supplement and nutrition subscriptions, consumers and brands benefit from this trend that’s growing in-stores and online.

For more natural products trends and product innovations, check out these emerging trends identified by New Hope Network’s team of experts. Learn more about KO Law Firm’s food, beverage, and consumer goods industry experience.

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