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Top Food & Beverage Trends at Expo West 2024

Natural Products Expo West, the industry’s largest trade show, showcased the dynamic and evolving landscape of the food, beverage, and consumer goods industry, and featured countless products and innovations. Take a closer look at the top trends that we expect to shape the industry in the year ahead.

Focus on Real Food and Clean Eating: From clean foods and clean products to others promoting longevity, gut health, and disease-prevention, brands are offering countless options highlighting positive nutritional value and wellness benefits.

The Power of Plants and Protein: While there seemed to be fewer plant-based meat substitutes, brands are catering to consumer preferences for high-protein and plant-based foods and snacks with many options in both categories featured prominently at Expo West!

Mindful Drinking: Non-alcoholic beverages, mocktails, and sodas were front and center, catering to the growing trend of mindful consumption. Sodas, including kombucha-based prebiotic sodas and other gut-friendly options, are also giving consumers more beverage options.

Packaging that Pops: In a competitive marketplace, vibrant, bold packaging, embraced by brands like our client Goodles, is a key strategy for brands to stand out to consumers.

Frozen Food Innovation: The frozen food category is growing and innovating, offering a range of convenient meals, nutritious on-the-go options, and more.

Mushroom Magic: From functional beverages, mushroom jerky, gummies, and more, mushrooms are definitely a favorite ingredient in 2024!

Innovative and International Ingredients: Products featuring international flavors and innovative ingredients like tigernuts, cactus, and buckwheat bring consumers diverse culinary experiences!

For more natural products trends and product innovations, check out these emerging trends identified by New Hope Network’s team. Learn more about KO Law’s food, beverage, and consumer goods industry experience.

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