Healthcare & Life Science

Experience is everything: KO’s decades of in-house and external work with the most innovative healthcare and life science companies means better, more timely results for your business.

Amidst huge market growth, increased R&D investment, industry consolidation and globalization, healthcare and life science companies have big challenges and big opportunities. Market success requires innovation, technology, and a nimble approach to respond to the changing landscape and deliver new solutions at a rapid pace.   

KO attorneys represent a broad array of clients in the pharmaceutical, medical technology and device, diagnostic and bioscience arenas, helping clients manage both corporate and commercial legal matters. We’ve helped hundreds of healthcare and life science companies navigate contracts, IP protection and licensing, product development, manufacturing and commercialization; general counsel services, formation and corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, private equity and securities and credit finance.

Our contracts expertise in the life science space is second to none. Because we take a pragmatic and business first approach, we understand that turnaround time is critical to your success. We regularly negotiate contracts common to the industry including:

  • Clinical Trial Agreements
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Research and Development Agreements
  • Outsourcing Agreements
  • Software License Agreements
  • Terms and Conditions of Sale/Purchase
  • Data Processing Addendums
  • Master Services Agreements
  • Manufacturing and Supply Agreements
  • CRO Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements Intellectual Property Licenses
  • Quality Agreements
  • Rebate Agreements
  • GPO Agreements
Healthcare & Life Science
Petri dish in medical environment

KO is very timely in drafting and turning documents. They have the global experience to be very flexible on the fly to enable quick closing of contracts without exposing us to undue risk.”

Charlie McDermott

Former President and Chief Business Officer, Kala Pharmaceuticals and Impact Biomedicines

KO attorneys’ extensive understanding of industry dynamics and our longstanding network of key relationships makes us an exceptional collaborator and advocate for your business. When deals come together to leverage technical advancements, capture and consume big data, or apply emerging techniques, time is of the essence, and we have a bias for action. We work seamlessly with clients to advance their goals and focus on the most impactful outcomes for your business.

“KO provides a unique offering. It’s rare to find a law firm that acts like in-house counsel and truly understands that we need to be protected, but we don’t have time to waste and just need to get things done.”

George Ng

General Counsel, Sorrento Therapeutics

KO attorneys are well versed in the healthcare and life sciences space, and we often serve as an integrated member of clients’ in-house legal teams – even replacing internal contracts teams. We seamlessly plug in to company systems and operations in a way that makes interactions efficient and streamlined.

Looking for a new partner?

KO attorneys take a practical and efficient approach to get it done, rather than get in the way.

Our firm is built to represent clients throughout their life-cycle – from start to exit – and we represent organizations from startups to major international corporations and public companies. Our industry expertise means that we quickly home in on the issues and opportunities that best support and protect your business goals.

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