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Colorado Employers: Updated unemployment insurance notification requirements went into effect May 25. Are you in compliance?

Colorado’s legislature has been focused on numerous employment topics this session, including a key update in Senate Bill 22-234 which adds new employer requirements regarding unemployment insurance when an employee is terminated (voluntarily or otherwise).

The existing law required employers to provide notice and four key items to employees at the time of separation. Now, the list has been expanded to include nine new elements as follows:

    1. A statement letting separated employees know that unemployment insurance benefits are available if they meet the eligibility requirements under Colorado law
    2. Contact information to file a claim
    3. Details needed to file a claim
    4. Contact information to inquire about claim status
    5. NEW Employer’s name
    6. NEW Employer’s address
    7. NEW Employee’s name
    8. NEW Employee’s address
    9. NEW Employee’s ID number or last four digits of their SSN
    10. NEW Employee’s first and last dates worked
    11. NEW Employee’s year-to-date earnings
    12. NEW Employee’s wages for the last week worked
    13. NEW The reason for separation

Employers can notify separated employees in hard copy or electronic format, but it must be provided at termination, regardless of the reason for the termination. In the next few months, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) will likely provide a template notice, but in the meantime, employers should review their separation procedures and ensure they’re providing the required notice in compliance with the new requirements.

If you have questions about compliance with the new requirements, contact Brad Schoenfeld.

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