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In the face of a crypto currency revolution, KO client Kurrent is thinking big

KO client, Kurrent is looking to take the crypto currency world by storm. Kurrent recently closed a $3 million round of funding to continue developing an innovative new exchange technology to allow consumers to exchange crypto currencies in a variety of ways, including to fiat money, or to a different crypto currency entirely. The company is underway on an additional $5 million round of funding and looking towards a series A funding round in 2019.

Today, crypto currencies are gaining mainstream momentum because they are secure, fast, more affordable ways for anyone to move money around the world without using a centralized repository like a bank. Targeting a 2019 launch, Kurrent is focused on creating accessible and innovative financial products to bring crypto currency to the mainstream – making it accessible for anyone to purchase, trade or exchange. This trend of moving traditional currency and economic models onto digital platforms represents a major growth opportunity for the company.

With a long history of success in the financial industry and with startups, Kurrent’s founder, Kierre Reeg started the company with the goal of helping to push crypto currency to the mainstream by providing a safe, easily accessible, private platform to purchase and use crypto currencies.

“We’re excited about the future of money, and believe that a tool like Kurrent represents the evolution of crypto currency and blockchain as an innovative, accessible form of economic freedom,” said Reeg.

Today, Reeg is focused on building a company rooted in strong partnership and support – bringing in team members, advisors and counsel that represent a focus on innovation, strong execution and attention to detail. It’s those same qualities that drew him to working with KO Law Firm from the start – using the firm for a variety of needs including financing, formation work, commercial support and general corporate counsel.

“Having KO as a partner from the get-go has been an essential part of our success as we navigate the intricacies of developing a new company and navigating the world of startup funding,” said Reeg. “The support we’ve had from John Gaddis and his team has given us the ability to quickly address issues and engage in exciting funding opportunities.”

KO partner John Gaddis first met Kierre Reeg and the Kurrent team in 2012 when he began supporting Reeg’s other company, TYME – a consumer lifestyle and beauty brand. The partnership between Kurrent and KO has given both organizations the opportunity to work together from the ground up – tailoring counsel and support in every facet of company creation, financing and funding.

“It’s exciting to me any time we have the opportunity to work with a company from the very beginning,” said Gaddis. “The chance to collaborate with Kierre on his vision for the company and his growth plans gives us the opportunity to showcase our deep knowledge and passion for growing and supporting business.”

For more information on how KO can help jumpstart your business idea, contact John Gaddis at jgaddis@kofirm.com.

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